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location_onHokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido, Sapporo|Auto Camping|Enjoy nature on a farm♪ Fireworks/BBQ available!
Outdoor activities
Nature & Wildlife
Sapporo, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
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Hokkaido, Sapporo|Auto Camping|Enjoy nature on a farm♪ Fireworks/BBQ available!



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The Highlight

  • Available for one person, family and everyone.
  • Great location with a panoramic view of Barato River.
  • Full sky at night.
  • Ezo Red Fox and wild birds also come and are good for natural observation.

The Experience

In response to many requests in the midst of the solo camping craze, we are pleased to announce that a portion of our farm is now available for use as a campground. ♪

Add-on Items

LOGOSナバホ 4人用テント - ¥ 6,000
LOGOSナバホ 4人用テント(タープ付き) - ¥ 8,000
snow peak 6人用テント - ¥ 6,000
LOGOSソーラーブロック 6人用タープ - ¥ 3,000
テント・タープ建て貸し:1張 - ¥ 2,000
LOGOSダイニングテーブル:大 - ¥ 1,500
LOGOSアームチェア:1脚 - ¥ 1,500
LOGOS 2人用チェア:1脚 - ¥ 3,000
チェア:1脚 - ¥ 1,000
LOGOS バーベキューコンロ(炭・網・火バサミ・LOGOSグローブとトング付き) - ¥ 3,500
バーベキューコンロ(炭・網・火バサミつき):大 - ¥ 1,500
バーベキューコンロ(炭・網・火バサミつき):小 - ¥ 1,200
ガスコンロ(ボンベ1本つき) - ¥ 1,000
LOGOS 包丁/まな板/食器セット - ¥ 2,500
包丁/まな板/食器セット - ¥ 1,500
ランタン:大(テント用) - ¥ 1,000
ランタン:小(持ち運び用) - ¥ 700

How to Use

  • Voucher will be sent via email. Please show your e-voucher at designated location.

Purchase Notice

For Visitors ~ Please check before entering.

Reception Hours

  • 9:00 ~ 18:00

Check-out time
10:30 the next day (approx.)

  • Please check in at the vegetable stand at the entrance of the farm.
  • If you plan to go out at night, please consult with us in advance. Curfew is 20:00.)


  • Please notify us in advance if you wish to bring your pets.

---Please notify us in advance if you bring your pet with you.

【About the use of the site】

  • Vehicles are allowed.
  • The number of river sites is limited, so reservations are required.
  • Each lot is limited to 10m x 10m.
  • Please be considerate of parking space so as not to inconvenience other visitors.

【About bonfires and BBQ】

  • Please bring your own fire pit, etc. if you wish to use the facilities. Please bring your own fire pit, etc. We do not rent them.

Please refrain from using open flames. Please use insulation (boards, blocks, etc.) to protect the grass.
In case of burnt turf, you will be charged the actual cost.

【Watering place】 <Water is available 24 hours a day during the winter season.>

  • Water is available 24 hours a day.
    Please use it for simple washing and drinking water.


  • Fireworks and loud fireworks are prohibited.

  • Please be at the designated area by 9:00 p.m.

  • Please make sure to check the fire extinguisher.


  • Please take as much trash with you as possible. (within 40 liters, 1,000 yen) If you wish to have your garbage collected, please follow the rules below.

 Please follow the rules below when requesting trash collection.

  1. thorough separation of garbage (burnable garbage, plastic, cans, PET bottles, bottles, and others (cylinders, etc.))

  2. Please separate garbage and put it in separate bags. Mixed garbage will not be collected.

  3. Collection will be done at the exit of the farm from 9:00 am the next morning. Please ask the farm staff for help.

【Please ask the farm staff for assistance.】

Other precautions

  • If weather conditions make it difficult to ensure safety, the farm will not be open for use.

  • The farm is not responsible for accidents, theft, etc. on the grounds.

  • Actual costs will be charged for any damage to facilities on the grounds.

  • To prevent infectious diseases, contact with or feeding of wild animals is strictly prohibited.

  • Please be sure to ventilate your tent regularly and take precautions against carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, please take adequate measures to protect yourself from the cold.

Important Booking Information


Farm house toreta-koya 002-8054 Shinorocho Takuhoku Kita Ward Sapporo-shi 243-2 Phone: 090 8903 9958.

  • Please register at the vegetable stand at the farm entrance.
  • Please report in advance if you will accompany your pet.
  • Car access is available.
  • Please pay attention to your parking space so as not to disturb other passengers.
  • ※ Please refrain from direct fire. Please also use heat insulating material (board, block, etc.) to protect the lawn.* If the grass is burnt, we will charge you the actual cost.
  • Garbage collection will be charged, so please take it home as much as possible. (Up to 40L 1,000 yen)
  • If it is difficult to secure safety due to weather conditions or the like, use is prohibited.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents or thefts inside the farm.

Cancellation Policy

Number of days prior to departure / Cancellation fee
  • Cancellation made at least 1 day(s) before departure date, Fully refundable (100% refund)
  • Cancel on activities date, Non-refundable (0% refund)


Meeting Point Info

とれた小屋 農産物直売所
〒002-8054 北海道札幌市北区篠路町拓北243-2

Hokkaido, Sapporo|Auto Camping|Enjoy nature on a farm♪ Fireworks/BBQ available!